Full Polarimetric MiniSAR Imaging System

1. Introduction:

The miniature UAV SAR imaging system is a portable, efficient, high resolution SAR imaging system, which is composed of minisar system, UAV flight system and differential base station position system. The system has four features: 1) single-polarization and full-polarization mode, which can obtain more object information;2) light weight and easy to carry;3) work in all-weather and dark condition and improve work efficiency;4) Simple procedure and perfect software equipment.

2. Function:

The obtained aerial remote sensing imagery is suitable for 1:2000 scale topographic images and orthophoto images mapping; suitable for disaster monitoring, emergency response, geographical situation monitoring, etc. It can also be used in basic research of remote sensing scale effect, land cover and land use classification, land title confirmation, rural cadastral survey, new rural construction, marine, agro-forestry ecological monitoring, pollution and disaster estimation and military field.