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SAR  Target  Detection  and  Recognition


Welcome to SAR target detection and recognition challenges!

We provide a large dataset for evaluation of real SAR Ship Target detection and recognition and benchmark performance comparison of algorithms. Please feel free to download the dataset and submit your results.



The dataset contains 300 SAR chip images of ships and the corresponding ground truth labels associated with each image.

Go to examples for a quick look at the dataset.


                               Dredging                                                       Tanker                                                               Cargo

Evaluation procedures

  • Download the test images
  • Run your algorithm on the whole test set
  • Submit the detection results in correct format

We will report the evaluation result in two work days and show results on the Results page.

The submission should contain a recognition Results file and a Method Description file, here is an example file for results submission.

Each line in the recognition results file represents a recognition label formatted as "imgName label [score]". Here's an example:

        0001  1  1.87

        0002  2  2.13



        0300  4  1.5

You should compulsorily provide Method Description file. We will send you back the evaluation feedback in two work days. Submission frequency limit: one submission per week.





Algorithm Description




Multi-Features fusion







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