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Word - MAP

Description:This data is originated from Sentinel-1 imagery of Guangdong area.

Usage:landcover classification

Ground Truth File:Download

Public Or Protected:Public Data Name:Sentinel-1 urban 04 Owner:zhaojuan
Sensor Platform :Sentinel-1A/1B Operation ModeTOPSAR BandC
PolarizationVV-VH Single Or Multilook:Singlelook Data Domainamplitude
Cover Area:CN,GuangDong SceneUrban Image Acquisition Time:2017/2/28 6:10:32
Azimuth Pixel Size:10m Slant Range Pixel Size Ground Range Pixel Size:10m
Cover Area Latlng
Data Time Original (UTC):Tue, 28 Feb 2017 06:10:32 GMT


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